You can view or download our range of School Policies by clicking the links below:

TITLE Last Modified
Accessibility Plan Sept 202209/2022
Admissions Policy 2022-202304/2021
Admissions Policy 2021-202205/2020
Anti-Bullying Policy September 202110/2021
Behaviour Policy (NEW) updated September 202309/2023
Child Friendly Behaviour Policy09/2023
Collecting Children and Walking To And From School Policy May 202305/2023
Collective Worship Policy 202301/2023
Educational Visits and Adventurous Activities Policy January 202201/2022
Equality Information & Objectives Policy 201909/2019
EYFS Policy Sept 202109/2021
First Aid Policy Oct 202210/2022
Freedom of Information Act 2000 policy05/2020
Home School Communication Policy Jan 2022 (reviewed and amended February 2023)03/2023
Intimate Care-Continence Policy September 202109/2021
Jewellery Policy 202110/2021
Library Policy January 202201/22
Mental Health Policy Apr 202204/22
Positive Handling Policy Spring 202303/2023
St Joseph's SEND Policy October 202210/2022
Slips and Trips Policy March 201903/2019
Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy October 202110/2021
Uniform Policy Autumn 202310/2023
BCCET Policies
BCCET Attendance-Policy (October 2022).docx10/2022
BCCET - Charging and Remissions Policy September 202109/2021
Complaints Policy reviewed May 2305/2023
BCCET - Code of Conduct January 202001/2020
BCCET - ECT Induction Policy (October 2022)10/2022
BCCET - Grievance Policy June 202106/2021
HS POLICY Rev 2.03 May 2023.docx05/2023
BCCET - Lettings Policy September 202109/2021
Safeguarding and child protection policy 2023- 20249/2023
Modern Slavery Statement 01/2023
BCCET - Whistleblowing Policy Dec 2212/2022