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Elizabeth Seagrove

Head Teacher

Ten Square

Ten Square – Nursery

There were 10 teddies in total. We put one in each square on the mat. How many are there? We counted them in a variety of ways. There were always 10. We didn’t need to count them anymore as no more had been added or taken away.

Close your eyes … (-1 teddy). How many now? “10!” Someone shouted.

We checked. Holly put down one finger and counted the rest. “9!” she shouted. Come and count them. Yes she was right. We put that teddy back. How many now then? 10! How do we know this? “That’s how many there are with all them filled up!”

We repeated this activity down to 5 teddies and 5 removed. The children really enjoyed this and Dexter started to realise that each time the number would decrease by 1, ”There will be 7 now.”




RAP Workshop

On Tuesday 10th October, Year 6 visited the Community Fire Station in South Shields to learn about RAP (Reducing Accidents at Play).

We experienced several different workshops which included scenarios which we may find ourselves in throughout our lives. The morning encouraged us to consider safety in relation to fire, electricity, gas, going to the beach and even when near to Metro stations.

It was a thoroughly engaging morning that gave us lots of useful advice to help us stay safe.

Reception fun

This week in Reception we have started to learn our letter sounds and how to write them.  We have enjoyed lots of fun activities to help us to remember the letter sounds s, a, t and p.

First we made sandwiches. Not only did this link to our letter sound, ‘s’, but it also helped us develop our communication and language skills of following instructions and our physical development skills and we had to handle the knife effectively to spread the butter on the bread.  We did a great job and enjoyed our sandwiches and snack time!

Next we decided to link our next letter sound to the Expressive Art and Design and Maths areas of learning as we made apple print pattern pictures with paint!  We enjoyed getting very messy and had lots of fun!

On Wednesday we went on the tyre park and trim trail as we explored the letter  ‘t’.  This helped us to practise our physical skills, such as climbing, balancing and jumping and also made us think critically about the best ways to do things.  The children were very determined and although things may have seemed difficult at first, they never gave up.  I think they have been listening to our motto for Reception.  We encourage the children never to say they can’t do something, instead, we like them to say that they can’t do it, YET!

On Thursday we made pizzas.  Again to develop our listening skills but to also to incorporate our Understanding of the World area of learning.  We talked about how the pizza would change once it had been in the oven and the children had some great answers, such as ‘The cheese will melt and spread out’ and  ‘The dough will go hard and crusty’.  The children really enjoyed making, and eating their pizzas and I think we have a few chefs in the making!

We ended our week on Friday with our Reception Open Morning.  Parents and Grandparents joined us to see how the children had settled into school life and to spend some time with their children in their classroom environment.  We played a game of corners with the letter sounds we had been learning and practised our skipping, jumping, hopping and walking backwards which we had also worked on in PE this week.  We then went into class to play a segmenting and blending game and then the children had some planning time with their special visitors.

What a super busy week we have had this week.  Lots of learning and fun, just the way we like it!

Weather Monitors!​​

At the start of the Summer Term, weather monitors were introduced to our school. New weather equipment was bought including rain gauges, wind vanes, barometers and thermometers to help us track weather conditions on a daily basis.

In the Key Stage 1 playground, there is now a weather station that gives us a variety of information about the weather – all using the one piece of equipment. It is the Pupil of the Week’s responsibility to record weather information daily and they are given special ‘Weather Monitor’ badges to remind them of their responsibility that week.

Recording the weather help us to notice any seasonal patterns or extreme changes to patterns. We have also compared our weather to a different location. In Year 3, the Weather Monitors also tracked temperatures in Rome as part of the Geography Study of a place in Europe.

Have a look at the equipment we have and also our class charts:

Key Stage 1 Barnabas Day

On Tuesday the whole school was involved in ‘Barnabas Day’ – during which Christianity is explored in schools through storytelling, drama and music, with a good sprinkling of fun. Key Stage One took part in a session which focused on the theme ‘Being a good friend’. Chris Hudson, from the Barnabas team, told Key Stage One the story of Joseph and his Coat of Many Colours. Chris told the story and drew children into acting out the character parts. The children all participated brilliantly and we saw some fantastic acting! Well done Key Stage One!

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Year 2 World Book Day

Year 2 had a fantastic day yesterday. The children were welcomed into class by Mr Gum and The Witch on the Broom. Children were dressed as a variety of characters, from Jessie to Ben 10. First of all, children designed a new book cover which will be entered into a regional competition.

We then had our Spelling Bee competition. The children had obviously spent a long time learning their spellings, but we had seven children who got 100%. The knock-out round led to Kieran, Chloe and Daniel qualifying for the whole school contest.

Mrs Jordan then came into class to read some Beatrix Potter stories.

Next was time to Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) where we read quietly for 15 minutes (Mr Craig said this was the best part of the day!)

Finally, Jamie Wonka gave out his scrum-diddly-umptious treats!

We had a great day and brought in lots of new books for our library!

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December Round-Up

We have had a very busy few weeks here at St.Joseph’s; from Nativity performances, parties, concerts to fundraising.

Our Reception children were wonderful in their performances of the Nativity in school and on the third Sunday of Advent in church. Year 2 accompanied Reception children with beautiful singing.


Last Wednesday we were treated to some fabulous guitar playing by children in Years 5 and 6.

Oliver, Ethan, Jessica, Sasha and Joseph played a variety of Christmas carols and songs for us.

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On Thursday 15 December the choir sang for their parents in the school hall.


Last Friday was Christmas Jumper Day and £160 was raised for Save the Children.


Instead of sending individual cards staff made a donation and held a raffle in aid of St Clare’s Hospice and raised £77 for this wonderful local charity.


Once again Mr Pearson provided the disco and entertainment at all of our Christmas parties. Thank you Mr Pearson.

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The Mayor and Mayoress of Jarrow, Councillors Mr and Mrs Smith enjoyed the carol service in church today. It was well attended by parents, grandparents, relatives and parishioners.

We hope you all have a happy and holy Christmas season.

Christmas Carol Service

Thank you to the Mayor and Mayoress of South Tyneside, to all parents, grandparents and members of the community of St Joseph’s who were able to join us this morning for our special Christmas Carol Service. We hope you enjoyed the singing, reading, musical and liturgical dance performances as much as we did.

We wish you all a very happy, holy Christmas.

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