Science Week in Year Six

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Science Week


This year for Science Week, Year 6 have been tasked to learn about the Enigma Machine. Although the week has been named Science Week, so far we have worked on many other subjects as well.

On Monday we wrote messages in Morse Code and also in Pigpen Cipher using the Caesar Cipher Wheel to encrypt the messages (meaning change one letter into a totally different letter) When the children finished they designed a Science/DT project. They had to design a circuit that would use a bulb or a buzzer to send an encrypted message in Morse Code for their partner to work out. In their science books they wrote out the equipment they thought that they would need, aim (which was to create a working machine that can send Morse Code) and hypothesis which means prediction.

On Thursday we designed parachutes to carry miniature cubes safely to the ground. We predicted that a parachute with a larger surface area would travel slower as it would catch more air- resistance.

By Skye





Science Week

As this week is Science week, we are doing a series of science experiments including Morse code and forces.


Today we did a science experiment on Morse code where we created a  circuit that sent Morse code by light or sound which looks like dashes and dots when written.


We used our circuits to send Morse code to our science partners. We were able to send it successfully and afterwards, we wrote our messages in our books using dots and dashes and also using the Caesar shift to add a mathematical formula to encrypt it.


Y6 Open Zone Visit

Year 6 spent the day at the Open Zone (@ The Word in South Shields), creating personalised Christmas decorations and short animated movies.

Creativity and computing were key to the pupils success today – with some superb designs to hang on our trees at home. Furthermore, the short animations utilised Lego characters in a variety of entertaining and interesting ways.

Thank you to Mrs Hayward and Mrs Chippendale for accommodating us!

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RAP Workshop

On Tuesday 10th October, Year 6 visited the Community Fire Station in South Shields to learn about RAP (Reducing Accidents at Play).

We experienced several different workshops which included scenarios which we may find ourselves in throughout our lives. The morning encouraged us to consider safety in relation to fire, electricity, gas, going to the beach and even when near to Metro stations.

It was a thoroughly engaging morning that gave us lots of useful advice to help us stay safe.

Light – investigating angles of reflection

This afternoon we have been investigating how light travels and, more specifically, how it reflects off mirrors.

The light ray that hits the mirror is described as the incident ray, and the ray of light that bounces off is known as the reflected ray.

We have established that the angle of incidence always equals the angle of reflection.

PlayMaker Award

We have just completed a six-week course, learning how to be a good leader. Our coach Simon taught us about leading games for younger children.  He gave us some acronyms to help us remember what to do:

KISS NED keep it short and simple, name, explain, demonstrate.

PACE participants, area, communication and equipment.

Today we had our assessment to prove that we were ready to be playground leaders and we all did well.

We are excited to start leading activities for the children in our school throughout the rest of the year.

By Amelia

Year 6 Open Morning

Thank you so much to all the parents, grandparents and adults who were able to join us this morning for our first Open Morning of the year – we hope you found it useful (and the arithmetic not too daunting!).

If you were unable to attend, or would like to refer to the many aspects covered, please find below a copy of the slides that were discussed.

Should you have any concerns or queries, please contact Mr Baulf at the school. We look forward to working closely and successfully with you and your children throughout the coming year.

Download (PDF, 1.5MB)

Year 5 and Year 6- such a busy week!

What a week!

We waved off the Year 5’s and 6’s who were going to Thurston then started our own fun learning activities.

On Monday, we had a Healthy Heart Workshop. We learned how to keep our hearts healthy through exercise and eating well. Angela and Katie showed us how to make tasty smoothies using fruit and vegetables. We even liked the spinach!


Call my Bluff is a team game where we found the meaning of some tricky words. We made up false-bluff answers to challenge the other teams to guess the true meaning. Do you know what these words mean: portmanteau, xenophobia, photosynthesis, phial, hurly-burly, drone (and this last one is not the flying camera meaning…)


On Thursday we were Greek Murder detectives. We were given a photo of the victim Agathon, who was strangled with his olive crown, he had won at the Olympics.  We had to listen to interviews and scrutinise the evidence and agree who was to blame. This is what we thought…

Group One –It was Tyrol the slave because he says he’s been stealing so he may have stolen the ring that was at the scene. He was at the temple so that he might have seen the letter that was on the body. During the interview it was like he had rehearsed it.

Group Two- Valeri the jealous wife was guilty… there was a ring on the photo next to the body and the newspaper said it had been lost. They never interviewed her but the neighbour said they were always fighting because Valeri wanted to go to the Olympics.

Group Three- it was Zarek…he is Tyrol’s master. We think he killed Agathon and he was giving Tyrol money to take the blame





Friday at last- we raced our balloon powered buggies- Charlie’s went furthest by balloon power and James’ was the best push! The maths trail was an energetic challenge. We had to use our map reading skills as well as our maths to find clues around the school grounds and calculate the answers! That was a fun way to learn. The afternoon was more relaxing; we made natural paint pallets using found materials and then used photosensitive paper to make prints. WOW! We hope you like our work.

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Leavers’ Mass 2017

This morning we celebrated our Year 6 Leavers’ Mass, led by Father Adrian and enjoyed by family, friends and members of our community.

It was a time to reflect upon endings and new beginnings – knowing that with our faith in God we will never be alone as our journeys continue in education and our lives.

At the end of Mass the children were presented with their portfolios, which contain examples of their best pieces of work produced across their time at St Joseph’s RC Primary School.

We wish the children all the very best as they move on to the next chapter in their young lives. Remember, be the best you can be!