World Book Day

World Book Day- a reading good day!

On World Book day, we dressed up as our favourite characters from a book and designed a new book cover for it.  In preparation for the Spelling Bee, we had to learn forty words from Harry Potter books. The three winners went into a whole school final while the runners up came and cheered us on. When we had our assembly, we saw how many books everyone had donated to the school- our library is going to be fabulous!

Ash Wednesday

On Ash Wednesday, father told us that when we make a promise for Lent, it might not be to give something up but to try to be a better person.

My Lenten Promise…

To pray more and reflect this Lent.

To try to do things before I am asked to.

Read more often as I only read at the weekend.

Spend more time with my mam and dad so I can tell them how much I love them.

I will not drink fizzy drinks during Lent.

Try not to have unhealthy food for a snack.

Give up time on my X-box so I can spend it with my family.

We hope we do some of these after Lent

Super Science!

Year 5 have enjoyed planning and investigating ‘Do all springs stretch the same amount?’ We learned that the springs made with the thickest metal were harder to stretch than the tightly coiled springs. Those were really stretchy!

We have been learning about Viking art. Next half term we are going to design our own mythical creature, draw and paint it then describe it in French!

Watch out for our work…


BBC Terrific Scientific Taste Challenge


Year 5 have Great Taste!

What a week we have had!

We took part in the BBC Terrific Scientific Taste Challenge. We had to put natural blue food colour on our tongues and count how many fungiform papillae (pink bumps) were on our tongue. If we had 0-5 we were Non- tasters, 6-10 were tasters and 11+ made us supertasters. We had 15 supertasters in the class- 15%; the national average is 25%!!! Watch the live programme at 11am on 31st January to see if we get a mention.

Open Morning

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On Friday, our parents came back in for our second Parents’ Open Morning. They were learning about SPaG, spelling, punctuation and grammar. We really enjoyed having our parents in to help us learn and look forward to extra help with homework.


Welcome back after a well enjoyed break.
This week Year 5 have been writing a narrative story called The Lost Present. Here are some of our completed moon buggies- you can see more on the website..


Year 5 have enjoyed reading and learning about the language of poetry. We studied poems by William Blake, Christina Rosetti and Alice Walker. We were able to recognise how the poems linked to our RE, mission in life and creation; ‘Did He who made the Lamb make thee?’  We have also learned some tricky words like anvil, frugal, acerbic and purge. We hope you enjoy reading about our interpretation of the language of poetry.

poetry 1 poetry 2We are going to be poets and we didn’t know it…





What a colourful week Year 5 have had. First we studied art by the American  artist Andy Warhol. We chose prints he had made of famous people by replacing the areas of light and dark with different colours. We traced them to identify the different areas then chose our own colours.  Next week we will be using photographs of ourselves to make our own designs in his style.