This week we held an Open Morning for parents. We taught them about Viking life using artefacts, we really enjoyed being museum curators.

This is what some of our parents thought…

“It was interesting to learn about the Vikings and look at the different items together. It is useful to look at what the children are learning in Grammar. I think I will have to buy that book! I always enjoy coming into the children’s class to find out what they are learning.”

“It was great to witness the enthusiasm of the children to the subject (Viking) covered. A-Z of grammar a must!”

“Really useful to recap on changes since last Parent Morning. Very informative how parents can support learning in school. Fun and enjoyable class based activity. My child was so enthusiastic showing and explaining all about Viking artefacts. Really enjoy these activities.”

“’I enjoyed everything about this morning and found it all useful. I found the way Vikings cleaned their ears quite strange.”

“ I have found this morning very interesting. I have enjoyed reading and seeing things. I loved the key and toys.”

“ I did learn about the Vikings today and found it very interesting. My child is very engaged with this subject, especially the original artefacts! A trip to Yorvik Centre would be great!”

“It was great to see how they’re learning about the Vikings through objects from the Discovery museum. It also made me realise that I need a revision session on grammar!”


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A furore Normannorumliberanos, Domine!

In history we are learning about the Vikings.

On 11th January AD793, the Vikings landed on Lindisfarne. They had sailed across the North Sea from Denmark and Norway. They rampaged through the island and killed monks in the priory. They stole gold and silver, and caused destruction and death. However, we have been learning about their way of life by studying artefacts and guessing what they were used for, just like real archaeologists.  Next week, we will be like museum curators and test our parents’ knowledge in our open morning…


Year Five Catch-Up

This Sunday will be the Fourth Sunday of Advent.

We used the reading from the Gospel Luke1: 38.

In this Gospel Mary is visited by the Angel Gabriel and receives astounding news. Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit is going to become the Mother of God!

We used this as inspiration for art. We hope you like our pictures.


In maths we had a challenge. We had to plan a party for eight children within a budget of £100.  The party needed entertainment, party food and drink, prizes and a goody bag for everyone.  We worked out how much we had to spend on each child- £12.50. A large chocolate cake and a bouncy castle were planned in then we worked out the price for two types of food and added them together. Water is free so we didn’t need expensive juice and it is healthier too. We repeated adding foods until we had used  up the budget. Phew- we don’t know how our parents do this all the time!

Year 5 wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy 2018.


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Prayerful Lessons

Prayerful lessons in Year 5

We have been thinking about how we act out our Mission in school. We decided to write prayers to help us.

Here are some of our thoughts:

Dear God, Help me to use my talents to help others, please help me to reach my potential, show me how to respect others around me, guide me on the right path.- Neve

Loving Father, Help us to raise enough money to give to the poor and to care about them. Help us to love tenderly towards them, respect each other and walk humbly with our God.- Brooke

Dear Lord, help us to use our talents for what we need them for. Help us to use them for thoughtfulness, respect, love and kindness.- William

Friday was Youth Friday. We had a special liturgy in school and said prayers.

In Year 5, we will say Yes to God by:

Following in God’s footsteps and being nice to everyone- Max

Spreading the word, praying for the sick and following in His path- Theo

Praying for peace in the world and making your first Holy Communion- Hollie


Conscience Alley

Year Five have been angels and devils this week…

Our class reading book this term is The Boy in the Girls’ Bathroom. In the section we are reading, the main character Bradley is trying to change. We used a ‘Conscience Alley’ to explore his confusion over the choices he is trying to make. After that, we worked in threes to be Bradley, with an angel persuading him to change and be good and a devil persuading him to remain the same.  A discussion about who was most persuasive was really interesting…


Welly Week

Welly Week and other stuff…


This week we have been observing how shadow lengths  change. We used a ruler to create a shadow and checked its length every ten minutes. We are learning how to use Bar Modelling so we used it to calculate how much the shadow had lengthened during the afternoon.

In maths, we used bar Modelling to give us a visual picture of the word problems we were trying to solve. This helped us see which numbers we had and what we needed to do to reach the answer. Bar Modelling rocks!

On Friday we put on our wellies and saw how the hedgerow on the field is changing with the onset of autumn. The leaves have changed colour and there are fewer small creatures than there was in September. There were fewer flowers too so maybe the small animals like bees have gone because there is less food!


Abundant Numbers

We have been enjoying exploring Abundant Numbers- have a go yourselves…

To find the factors of a number, you have to find all the pairs of numbers that multiply together to give that number.

The factors of 48 are:

1 and 48

2 and 24

3 and 16

4 and 12

6 and 8

If we leave out the number we started with, 48, and add all the other factors, we get 76:


So …. 48 is called an abundant number because it is less than the sum of its factors (without itself). (48 is less than 76.)

See if you can find some more abundant numbers!

Year 5 and Year 6- such a busy week!

What a week!

We waved off the Year 5’s and 6’s who were going to Thurston then started our own fun learning activities.

On Monday, we had a Healthy Heart Workshop. We learned how to keep our hearts healthy through exercise and eating well. Angela and Katie showed us how to make tasty smoothies using fruit and vegetables. We even liked the spinach!


Call my Bluff is a team game where we found the meaning of some tricky words. We made up false-bluff answers to challenge the other teams to guess the true meaning. Do you know what these words mean: portmanteau, xenophobia, photosynthesis, phial, hurly-burly, drone (and this last one is not the flying camera meaning…)


On Thursday we were Greek Murder detectives. We were given a photo of the victim Agathon, who was strangled with his olive crown, he had won at the Olympics.  We had to listen to interviews and scrutinise the evidence and agree who was to blame. This is what we thought…

Group One –It was Tyrol the slave because he says he’s been stealing so he may have stolen the ring that was at the scene. He was at the temple so that he might have seen the letter that was on the body. During the interview it was like he had rehearsed it.

Group Two- Valeri the jealous wife was guilty… there was a ring on the photo next to the body and the newspaper said it had been lost. They never interviewed her but the neighbour said they were always fighting because Valeri wanted to go to the Olympics.

Group Three- it was Zarek…he is Tyrol’s master. We think he killed Agathon and he was giving Tyrol money to take the blame





Friday at last- we raced our balloon powered buggies- Charlie’s went furthest by balloon power and James’ was the best push! The maths trail was an energetic challenge. We had to use our map reading skills as well as our maths to find clues around the school grounds and calculate the answers! That was a fun way to learn. The afternoon was more relaxing; we made natural paint pallets using found materials and then used photosensitive paper to make prints. WOW! We hope you like our work.

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Independence Day

This week we learned about July 4th– Independence Day in America. Isaac’s great aunt was a teacher in America and she told us all about how three hundred years ago, America became independent from British rule. We told her what we remembered from reading The Boy in the Girl’s Bathroom, where America was on the globe and some of the different language uses such as restroom. She taught us sign language to save our voices and Ms Armstrong’s.

The signs are yes, no, water, toilet, thank you and you’re welcome. Can you tell which ones are which from our photos?