Year 3 Party Photos

Take a look at our fabulous pictures from the Year 3/4 Christmas Party! The children great in their party clothes and they danced the afternoon away! Children enjoyed lots of party games including ‘pass the parcel’, ‘islands’, ‘corners’ and ‘musical statues’. A special thank you to Mr Pearson for the lights and music!
Year 3 would like to wish all our lovely parents and carers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.
See you in 2018!
Mrs Vedhara and Mrs McMillin

Trunky the elephant’s conscience alley!

In Year 3, we enjoyed participating in a ‘Conscience Alley’.
As part of our Roald Dahl topic, we have been reading ‘The Enormous Crocodile’. At the end of the story Trunky the elephant punishes The Enormous Crocodile by spinning him and throwing him into space!
Some of us felt that The Enormous Crocodile deserved this and some of the class did not. We became Trunky’s voices in his head and gave our thoughts about whether his actions were wrong or right. We became Trunky’s conscience.
A few children were then chosen to be Trunky and walk down the conscience alley. We shouted our thoughts at Trunky as he walked by us.
Tomorrow we will write a letter to Trunky to voice our thoughts further. A special well done to Isla who used gesture and actions to voice her opinion in a fantastic way!​

Roald Dahl Day

We had a fabulous Roald Dahl day in Year 3. The children delighted us all in their character costumes which showed their creativity and flair! We especially liked the props that the children had made at home – thank you!
The day kicked off with celebratory photographs in the Hall followed by a lesson by Mrs McMillin, sharing with us interesting facts about the life of Roald Dahl. After that, Roald Dahl’s Enormous Crocodile helped us learn about greater than and less than signs during our Mathematics lesson. Children enjoyed playing ‘Highest number wins!’
In the afternoon, we got creative! We listened to extracts from the BFG about his dream catching and some children chose to make a dream catcher. Others have started to make Fantastic Mr Fox, very cleverly using a paper plate.
Later on we enjoyed listening to the Bruce Bogtrotter chapter (from Matilda) where he is forced to consume an entire chocolate cake! Thank you to Year 3 for acting this out.
Roald Dahl’s stories were brought to life during this afternoon and we could feel the magic of his stories. At the end of the day all we could think about was chocolate cake and we got to take a slab of cake home. Happy birthday Roald Dahl! We had great fun celebrating.

Sandcastle Challenge

On Friday 7th July, Year 3 packed up their buckets and spades and headed for Sandhaven Beach in South Shields to participate in the annual Sandcastle Challenge. We entered two teams and the theme was Great Northern Inventors. The children displayed great team spirit to produce their designs and they had a fabulous time. Many thanks to our professionals from Godfrey Syrett who helped the children to sculpt our lifeboat and locomotive. As soon as the competition ended, we went to the ampitheatre where we enjoyed a Punch and Judy show before returning to school. Once there, an ice-cream  was waiting for the class courtesy of The Friends of St. Joseph’s. The children were very appreciative and we would like to say a big “Thank you” for supplying the treat. We had a wonderful day!!


Ducklings and their mother were spotted waddling their way from Nursery across to the fence at the back of the Key Stage 2 playground. The family were spotted by Sheridan from Year 3 who noticed them out the window. It was the cutest discovery this year. Mrs Vedhara tried her best to capture close up images but those ducklings were fast walkers and poor Mrs Vedhara couldn’t keep up with their speed!  Here are the images she did manage to get!



SANY0054 SANY0055 SANY0056

Mechanisms – Making Moving Monkeys!

Year 3 have had a fun ‘Design and Technology’ afternoon this week!  We explored different mechanisms that are used in products. We made a moving monkey using levers, linkages and pivots.  Have a look at our hard work.

The children also enjoyed using the school’s ‘Polydron Bridge Set’ to use gears, cogs and pulleys to make different types of bridges. Well done Year 3. You were all fantastic!

Italian Geography

Year 3 have been busy looking at the geography of Italy this week. Did you know that Geography is split into two different parts? One aspect we look at is the human side of Geography, which is the study of man-made places, settlement of people, the land-use of a country (farming) and trade. In Year 3 we wrote leaflets explaining the human and physical geography of Italy. For human features we wrote about landmarks such as The Leaning Tower of Pisa and The Colosseum. Did you know that The Leaning of Pisa was built on soft ground so started to lean over quickly after it was built?

It was interesting looking at the physical features of Italy as it is a boot-shaped peninsula that juts out of Southern Europe. To the north of Italy are the Alps and down the middle of Italy we have the Appenine mountain range. The most interesting physical features we found out about were the volcanoes. There are three active volcanoes in Italy: Stromboli, Mount Vesuvius and Mount Etna. In the pictures below we mapped volcanoes from all around the world as we explored the tectonic plates. We also enjoyed exploring how farming is so different in Italy as they grow a lot of olives, grapes and tomatoes.

A special well done to some very enthusiastic Year 3 children for their work at home on Italy. Congratulations go to Alyssa, Andrew, Georgia S, Joseph and Katie. Well done Year 3!

Bronze Age

We finished our topic on the Bronze Age by looking at some famous artefacts like the ‘Golden Cape’ and ‘Amesbury Archer’ who was buried with 100 items.

During the Bronze Age, money did not exist but some people became rich because they developed skills and could trade their goods for something they wanted.

The Bell Beaker culture was brought to Britain and people learned this new skill of making beakers to store grains. We had a go at making clay beakers with patterns. We used our thumbs to press round and make it hole. We definitely have pottery-making talent in our class!

SANY0024 SANY0025 SANY0032 SANY0031 SANY0030 SANY0029 SANY0028

Palm Sunday Liturgy

On Monday, Year 3 reminded the school of the story of Palm Sunday through our Palm Sunday Liturgy. As part of it, Year 3 performed a beautiful liturgical dance to the song, ‘Hosanna’.  The children used ribbons to represent palm leaves in the dance. The children were congratulated on their performance by Mrs Seagrove and all of teaching staff.

Also on Monday, Year 3 brought in their ‘Egg creations!’ The entries were ‘egg-cellent’ and it was truly impressive. Thank you to all children for their efforts.
SANY0065 SANY0067 SANY0085