French Colours

Mme Smith has been teaching Year 2 about colours in French. The children played a game where colours were hidden and they needed to say which colour was missing….in French! We then sang The Rainbow Song….in French!


Rouge et jaune et rose et vert,

Orange et violet et bleu.

Je connais les couleurs,

Toutes les couleurs

De mon arc en ciel.

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Year 2 World Book Day

Year 2 had a fantastic day yesterday. The children were welcomed into class by Mr Gum and The Witch on the Broom. Children were dressed as a variety of characters, from Jessie to Ben 10. First of all, children designed a new book cover which will be entered into a regional competition.

We then had our Spelling Bee competition. The children had obviously spent a long time learning their spellings, but we had seven children who got 100%. The knock-out round led to Kieran, Chloe and Daniel qualifying for the whole school contest.

Mrs Jordan then came into class to read some Beatrix Potter stories.

Next was time to Drop Everything and Read (DEAR) where we read quietly for 15 minutes (Mr Craig said this was the best part of the day!)

Finally, Jamie Wonka gave out his scrum-diddly-umptious treats!

We had a great day and brought in lots of new books for our library!

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The Last Supper

In Year 2, we heard the story of The Last Supper. We re-enacted the story as this is a great way for us to understand how people were feeling. Jesus blessed the bread and wine and shared it among the disciples. He also washed the feet of his disciples. This is an example of how you should treat others.  You don’t have to actually wash other people’s feet, but doing nice things for others and acting like a servant for Jesus, that is what He wants you to do.

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Y2 Instructions (and eating cakes!)

Year 2 are currently reading the book ‘Instructions’ by Neil Gaiman. The book is a series of instructions that guides the reader through a fantasy land. The children will be creating their own instructions, using imperative ‘bossy’ verbs, to get through a Fairy Tale land.

The children have looked at how recipes give us instructions and use ‘bossy’ verbs. The homework this week was to bake cakes using instructions (or recipe) ready to sell on Cake day on Thursday. We were amazed by the skills we have (as well as parents)in cake making!


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Year 2 Self Portraits

In Year 2, we have been looking at portraits by famous artists such as Leonardo Da Vinci, Henri Matisse and Gustav Klimt. We looked at similarities and differences between the portraits. We then discussed how to create a portrait, starting with self portraits. After looking at how to create an oval shape for the face, we drew lines across the middle to guide where our features go.

We hope you like some of our self portraits. We will be creating portraits of our friends next week.

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Year 2 Data Collecting

Year 2 have this week started a maths unit on data collecting. After learning about how to use tally charts, the children spent a session ‘tallying’ information about their friends favourite fruit. The children learned to ‘close the gate’ when reaching 5, which makes it easier to count up the tally at the end. The children then converted their results into bar graphs and analysed the information.

Following this, we will be using tally charts to create our own animal bar charts based on habitat, eating habits and other criteria.

IMG_4884 IMG_4883 IMG_4886 IMG_4881 IMG_4889

Paper Recycling!

Thank you to Darcey for bringing in a project she has been making at home with her Grandad. Her Grandparents went to Thailand and brought in paper made from elephant droppings!!! Darcey told the class about how it is made and even had a piece of recycled paper for each class member. Thank you Darcey!



Reading Buddies

Years 2 and 5 have been meeting on a weekly basis to share their books. Year 2 read to Year 5, with Year 5 asking questions linked to the Year 2 reading focus of that week. The children in Year 2 then answer on a post it which goes on our Reading Focus wall. The session ends with Year 5 reading to their buddy for 5 minutes. The children love it and think it is one of the best times of the week!

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