Amazing problem-solving in Year 1!


In maths we have been learning a lot about place value – tens and ones. In our problem solving lesson we had to show different two-digit numbers using shapes, which were worth different amounts. The children found this very challenging at first, but as can see from our work we have learned a lot about counting in ones, twos, fives and tens and understanding place value.

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Computing Unplugged

This afternoon we have been learning to program without using a computer. Mrs Toward programmed Jenny to move forwards, backwards, turn left and turn right. She was not allowed to move until Mrs Toward said, “Go.”  Then we all had a turn at programming in small groups. It was great fun.


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We have already learned how to program an on-screen BeeBot so next week we are going to use the real thing!

History in Year 1

Today we looked at two primary sources – letters to Father Christmas. One was written about eighty years ago and the other one was written last year. Both were written by children aged 5. We talked about what these letters could tell us about toys in the past and in the present and how toys have changed. Then we used two different coloured pens to identify things that are the same about the letters and things that are different. Can you imagine a child today asking Santa for a hymn book?

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Year 1 Open Morning

Year 1 Open Morning

We had a very busy classroom on Tuesday morning, filled with children and their parents and grandparents, who had come to join in with a science activity about the properties of materials. We tested lots of materials (including chalk, biscuits and tin foil) to find out if they were waterproof or absorbent.  There was a lot of very interesting discussion about what each material was, whether it was waterproof or not and what it would be useful for, or not useful for. The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their learning and we are looking forward to the next open morning!


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Science in Year One

We have started our first science topic in Year One. We are learning about materials and their properties. We have learned how to classify objects by thinking about what they are made of. We have also been classifying objects and materials by thinking about their properties.

We have also started to learn about the seasons and how living things change through the seasons. Our cherry tree still has lots of leaves on. Most of them are green, but a few are yellow and have already started to fall from the tree. We drew some fabulous pictures of the leaves, by observing them closely.

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Guy Fawkes

Year 1 history

In history we have been answering our enquiry question ‘Why do we have Bonfire Night?’

We started off by talking about our experiences of Bonfire Night. Then we asked questions such as ‘Why do we light bonfires?’, ‘Why do we have fireworks?’ and ‘Why do we put a pretend man in the fire?’ After that we read the story of the Gunpowder Plot and acted it out. We also learned the rhyme:


Remember, remember the fifth of November,

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

I see no reason why gunpowder treason

Should ever be forgot!

We now know that Bonfire Night is the anniversary of the failed attempt to kill James 1st, and that bonfires were lit by James 1st to celebrate the discovery of the plot.

We finished off by talking about and writing down everything we had learned about Guy Fawkes and his terrible plot. Well done Year One  – you can ‘remember, remember’ so much about this event in our history!

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