Waterproof Investigation

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Waterproof  Investigation

On Wednesday afternoon, Reception were very surprised to find a letter from ‘The Gingerbread Man’ on their return to class after lunch!  He was asking if the children could help to make him some waterproof clothes, just in case he had to cross a river, just like in the story they had read.

We firstly discussed what the children understood by the term ‘waterproof’ and gained an excellent answer that, ‘It stops water getting through’.

We then did a virtual experiment, testing different objects/materials to see if they were waterproof, using BBC Bitesize.  These included a pan, a wooden chopping board, a scarf and a plastic bag.  The children made predictions and loved finding out whether they were right or wrong!

Again, some excellent answers were given with the children saying that the sugar cube would dissolve in water and the newspaper would go soggy and then fall apart.

The children then decided that in order to make some clothes for ‘The Gingerbread Man’ they first needed to test them so we wrapped the Gingerbread Man and other toys in the different materials and then put them into our water tray to see if they got wet.

We found out that the plastic bag and the tin foil were waterproof, but the tissue paper, paper envelope and fabric bag left our toys very soggy!


We loved testing our predictions and are looking forward to making waterproof clothes for ‘The Gingerbread Man’.



Teeth brushing in Reception

Here at St Joseph’s we pride ourselves on being a healthy school, enjoying healthy meals, drinks and snacks during the day, as well as exercising regularly in our PE lessons.

This week in Reception we have introduced a new activity into our daily routine – brushing our teeth!  It is hoped that this will further improve our healthy lifestyles and also help the children to become more competent, independent and enthusiastic when brushing their teeth at home too!

Mrs Bertram brought us all a toothbrush so that each day after lunch, everyone in Reception, including Mrs Whalen and Mrs Pearson, can brush their teeth.  The children have loved joining in with this activity and have tried so hard to brush their teeth for a whole two minutes, whilst dancing along to the ‘Toothbrush Song’!  It has been great fun and the children have happily welcomed this new activity into their daily routine.

Well done Reception!

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Reception Nativity

We are so proud of our wonderful Reception children who performed brilliantly in their Nativity.  The children put on a show for the whole school on Monday and followed this with an afternoon and evening performance on Wednesday and Thursday, for their families.  The children’s behaviour, singing and overall enthusiasm was perfect.  Thank you also to the Year 2 choir, who accompanied us so brilliantly.

The children also performed reverently in a special performance for the parishioners in church on Sunday.  Thank you to all the children and parents who gave up their time to join us.  I hope you all enjoyed such a wonderful, holy performance – a perfect way to get ready for Jesus’ birthday on Christmas Day.


Pokemon Hunt

After a lot of interest in Pokémon from some of our childrenin Reception Class, we decided to have a Pokémon themed hunt around our school grounds.  We firstly talked about describing where things are by using prepositions, e.g. next to, in front of, behind, in between and then we looked at an aerial map of our school.  The children were able to pick out the many features including the playgrounds, annex, entrances and pathways.  The children were then shown a map with markers on to indicate where something might be found, but they had no idea what they were looking for!

The children then worked in a group to read their maps to locate the clues and were absolutely delighted to find their favourite Pokémon characters, such as Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Squirtel and even trainer, Ash Ketchum, dotted all over our school grounds! 

Some of the children even wrote letters when they got back to class to say thank you to the Pokemon characters for helping them on their hunt!  Great map reading and writing, well done!

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Domino Addition

We have also be using dominoes to help us to write our own addition number sentences, finding the answer by counting the spots altogether.

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Physical Phonics!

This week in Reception we have been thinking about getting physical while we learn our phonics!  We used hoops with the letter sounds next to them and had to say the sounds as we jumped in each hoop and blend as we jumped out of the final hoop. The children really enjoyed this way of segmenting and blending and it helps to keep us fit and healthy too!

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Ordering Numbers

Ordering numbers

We have been trying really hard to learn numbers to twenty in Reception this week.  We have particularly focused on ordering numbers, using our number stones.  The children have enjoyed the activity and have all tried really hard.  Well done Reception!

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Jelly Babies!

Making Jelly

This week we have been learning the letter ‘j’ and so we decided to make jelly.  The children worked in groups to follow instructions carefully and to comment on anything that they noticed.  The children were able to explain what happened using the words, ‘solid’ and ‘liquid’ to describe the changes of state.  The children really enjoyed eating their jelly as a special treat and were amazed when they could tip their cup of jelly upside down, without it falling on the floor!

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Cookie Monsters!

Cookie Monsters!

Continuing our topic of looking at changes to materials, this week we have been making chocolate chip cookies in Reception.  The children considered how the ingredients changed as they were mixed together and also how the heat of the oven changed the ‘gooey, sticky’ mixture into a hard biscuit.  We talked about how this was an irreversible change and compared this to a reversible change; water freezing and then melting again if left out of the freezer.  The children really enjoyed making their cookies, but enjoyed eating them even more!

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This week in Reception we have been finding out all about what happens when a baby is welcomed into God’s family during the sacrament of Baptism.  The children have been role-playing Baptism in class and remembering the special symbols, words and actions involved.  The children also brought in mementos from their own Baptism to share with everyone.

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