Sunflower Seeds

This week in Nursery we have been starting to think about life cycles. Today we have planted Sunflower seeds. The children shared what they knew already about what seeds need to grow. We have our seeds on the windowsill ready to warm up and begin to grow. After Easter we are going to be getting some small creatures in Nursery which we can watch change and grow too.



Science Week in Year Six

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Science Week


This year for Science Week, Year 6 have been tasked to learn about the Enigma Machine. Although the week has been named Science Week, so far we have worked on many other subjects as well.

On Monday we wrote messages in Morse Code and also in Pigpen Cipher using the Caesar Cipher Wheel to encrypt the messages (meaning change one letter into a totally different letter) When the children finished they designed a Science/DT project. They had to design a circuit that would use a bulb or a buzzer to send an encrypted message in Morse Code for their partner to work out. In their science books they wrote out the equipment they thought that they would need, aim (which was to create a working machine that can send Morse Code) and hypothesis which means prediction.

On Thursday we designed parachutes to carry miniature cubes safely to the ground. We predicted that a parachute with a larger surface area would travel slower as it would catch more air- resistance.

By Skye





Science Week

As this week is Science week, we are doing a series of science experiments including Morse code and forces.


Today we did a science experiment on Morse code where we created a  circuit that sent Morse code by light or sound which looks like dashes and dots when written.


We used our circuits to send Morse code to our science partners. We were able to send it successfully and afterwards, we wrote our messages in our books using dots and dashes and also using the Caesar shift to add a mathematical formula to encrypt it.


Problem Solving

This week in Nursery we had a problem solving challenge. We had to feed some hungry aliens. They both ate bears. One alien only ate big blue and green bears and the other only ate small red and yellow bears. The children had 1 minute to complete the challenge. Some children had an extra challenge…they couldn’t use their fingers to pick the bears up! They had to use tweezers. Well done everyone our alien feeding mission is complete.




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Moon Boots

This week we have been thinking about the moon and what it would be like to be an astronaut and walk on the moon like Neil Armstrong. The children put on their wellies and stood in some sand which left behind a print of their ‘moon boot’. They then measured their prints using cubes to see how long they were.



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Aliens have landed!

The children have been interested in learning about space, the moon and the planets so this is our topic over the next few weeks. We have started to learn some facts about the Sun and the planets and the children have been to libraries and researched things on the internet at home too. Today we made alien masks and the children had to decide which planet their alien was from. It was very creative and the children were all enthusiastic and engaged. They look great too!



Thank you Mrs Scott

Today, we interviewed Mrs Scott, who is a governor for our school. As part of our RE topic, ‘Journeys’, we are learning about pilgrimages. We listened to Mrs Scott’s experiences at Lourdes and wrote about how she lives out her faith as a Christian. The children felt inspired by her story and cannot believe she has been to Lourdes fifteen times! That’s a lot of travelling.
Thank you Mrs Scott- we enjoyed talking to you today!