The Gingerbread Man

We have been reading the traditional tale, The Gingerbread Man, in Nursery. The children have been making different sized Gingerbread men in the play dough, counting buttons, cooking Gingerbread Man biscuits, decorating Gingerbread men and re-telling the story. What fun!



We have welcomed our new Nursery starters this week and they have all settled in so well. We have had lots of fun already; dressing up, making jelly, measuring, making webs and visiting school and meeting all the children and teachers.


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Celebration Time

Today we held a celebration day in Nursery. We celebrated with our parents all that we have achieved this year. How much we have grown and progressed from September until now and how ready we are for our next step along our learning journey.

It has been such a pleasure to get to know all the children and families. Thank you for all your love and support this year.


Mrs Bertram and Mrs Cavanagh


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Remembering Bradley Lowery

On Friday the 14th July, St Joseph’s RC Primary school took part in wearing football tops in memory of Bradley Lowery. In Nursery we played football in his honour, passed, kicked and took penalties against Mrs Bertram. We remembered him along with all the other members of our school community today.

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This week in Nursery some children were using blocks as pizza boxes and becoming delivery drivers. Mrs Burns took the initiative and asked very nicely at ‘Billy’s’ (the local takeaway) for some pizza boxes for the children. They were very generous and today the children had such fun making play dough pizzas, decorating pizza boxes, and delivering them. Thank you Mrs Burns and Billy’s chip shop.

From there the some children held ‘dance classes’ on the carpet area. They listened to each other and followed instructions.

After that we had a ‘c’ party to celebrate our new sound of the week ‘c’.

We have been so busy.

Following the children’s interests is crucial at this early stage of development and using it as a teaching tool allows us to unlock a child’s full potential.


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Friction Test

One of our Nursery pupils brought in a car from home. He was wondering about how it changed the way it moved from the outdoor surface to the inside surfaces. We decided to test out these thoughts using different materials and how changing the material but keeping the car the same changed how fast it went down a ramp. The children got so much language from this activity. It really gave them the opportunity to show what they understood about materials and movement. Everyone wanted a turn. We worked in groups and the children talked it one another, predicted and then tested. Thank you to the very clever boy who came up with the idea in the first place.



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Stay and Play am

Today we celebrated the progress we have made from our starting points with a ‘Celebration Stay and Play’ session for parents and other grown-ups to attend. We made handprint pictures to help us remember our day together, shared our learning journeys and showed our loved ones how we learn and play in our Nursery.

The feedback from everyone was so lovely. Thank you all for coming.


Mrs Bertram and Mrs Cavanagh


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Physical Development

Physical Development is a Prime Area of learning and therefore we focus on this a lot in Nursery. This week we have been learning about how to keep our bodies healthy. We need to eat right, keep clean, drink milk and water, brush our teeth and get lots of sleep as well as doing exercise.

We like to keep fit in Nursery so this week we had a big sorting challenge outdoors to focus on our gross motor skills.

Inside we had a 1 minute sorting challenge to focus on our fine motor skills.

The children love a timed challenge.

It was great fun.



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