‘S’ Challenge

The children in Nursery LOVE a challenge! This week we created the ‘s’ spider peg challenge to go alongside learning the ‘s’ sound.  They had 1 minute to clip as many pegs on the spider as they could. Ready, steady, go!

This challenge helps to develop their fine motor skills and physical development which in turn has an impact on pencil and tool control as well as developing skills for early writing.



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Over the last few weeks in Nursery, the children have been very interested in writing letters, putting them in envelopes and posting them in our Nursery post box.  As a teacher directed task, we talked about writing letters, addresses and why we need stamps so that we could write a real letter home, post it in the post box and wait until it arrived at our houses. The children were very excited about this. With the help of our very supportive parents, grandparents and aunties, we all walked to the post box on Monday, armed with our letters and posted them.

This was a brilliant opportunity, derived from the children’s own interests to demonstrate that writing has a real purpose. All the children were so focused on their writing, deciding who it was for and that Mrs Bertram had their addresses correct so that the postman wouldn’t make any mistakes. We care looking forward to the reactions of the children and the recipients of the letters when they arrive at people’s homes.


Melted Snowman Biscuits

The children made ‘melted snowman’ biscuits this week. We decorated some bought biscuits with icing, marshmallows, sprinkles and chocolate pieces. We could use whatever we wanted to make faces and buttons for our snowmen. The children listened to the instructions well and enjoyed the activity.





Bats and Balloons

This week we have been developing our hand eye co-ordination and gross motor skills. We tied balloons to bats and hit them using both hands and then our right hand and left hand. It was harder than it looked but the children really enjoyed it. Especially when the balloons burst! Lots of laughing! One of the children thought it would be nice to see what happened to the balloons if they weren’t tied onto the bats. We will be trying that out soon and putting little messages onto the strings. If you receive on then please let Nursery know.



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Mud Kitchen

We turned our Mud Kitchen into a McDonald’s Drive Thru this week. The children have been developing their Communication and Language skills by asking questions to their friends about what they would like to eat.  We played with and alongside others to develop our Personal, Social and Emotional Development, helping us learn to share and take turns. It is useful to create areas that the children can make links to their own experiences to enable them to use their imagination.



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Ten Square

Ten Square – Nursery

There were 10 teddies in total. We put one in each square on the mat. How many are there? We counted them in a variety of ways. There were always 10. We didn’t need to count them anymore as no more had been added or taken away.

Close your eyes … (-1 teddy). How many now? “10!” Someone shouted.

We checked. Holly put down one finger and counted the rest. “9!” she shouted. Come and count them. Yes she was right. We put that teddy back. How many now then? 10! How do we know this? “That’s how many there are with all them filled up!”

We repeated this activity down to 5 teddies and 5 removed. The children really enjoyed this and Dexter started to realise that each time the number would decrease by 1, ”There will be 7 now.”




Nursery Gym

This week we have been upping our physical exercise by making a gym in Nursery. The children had to complete one minute of exercise at different stations. They loved it and took their cards home to share with parents.



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Autumn Leaves

This week we have been thinking a lot about autumn and how things change at this time of year. We have looked at the different shapes, sizes and colours of leaves. We used our fingers to add autumn leaves to a tree and then covered the picture and pressed down on the paint. It mixed together with other colours and they look very good. We are going to put them up on display in our Nursery. This week has also been full of helpfulness and creativity. Children have offered to put straws in the milk and complete teacher challenges. Well done Nursery!


Colour Walk

On Monday we all put on our waterproof clothing and wellies and went for a colour walk around school. We had to find all the colours in the rainbow and then come back to Nursery. The children really enjoyed the activity and worked together in small groups to complete the colour challenge. We found other objects too and brought them back to Nursery including; a feather, a pine cone and a smooth pebble.