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Elizabeth Seagrove

Head Teacher

Y2 Museum

Parents and Grandparents of Y2 children were invited into the ’20th Century Museum’ this Friday. After looking at items loaned from the Discovery Museum, the children researched an artefact in readiness to be an expert. They even wore stickers stating “Ask me. I’m an expert”. After being welcomed at the door by Sonny and Sophie, our visitors were informed about each artefact and then invited to write anything that they could remember about it. Lots of items brought back happy memories for our visitors, though the Spice Girls video (20 years old) made a lot of us feel very aged!

The feedback from our visitors was very positive and the children also have lots more information to use in their history topic.


On March 21st the children in Year One took part in the South Tyneside Infant Music Festival at the Customs House in South Shields. Five other schools performed on the same night.  In the first half of the show the children performed a song by themselves – ‘Caterpillars Only Crawl.’  Charlie and Olivia were our two beautiful soloists! The rest of the class sang the choruses and performed the actions brilliantly. In the second half of the evening a version of the story of ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ was told through singing, dance and drama. Jonah played the part of a takeaway chef brilliantly. He was so brilliant that he got a round of applause after he had said his part! He was amazing – confident, clear and expressive. Kacper, Noel, Aliyah, Emma and Sophia dressed up in the fabulous flower costumes made very kindly by Mrs Shaw and Mrs Scott. They were very graceful! We also had four wonderful narrators who finished off the show – George, Beth, Luke and Nathaniel. Everyone sang their hearts out and performed the actions to the songs with great enthusiasm. It was a super evening made even more exciting by travelling to the venue in a coach after school! Well done Year One. We are very proud of you all!

Noel and Eliza were so inspired by the show that their entries in the decorated egg competition were based on it. Noel even won a prize for his interpretation – ‘Meggamorphosis’!



We in Nursery are loving the change in weather and have been celebrating spring through our learning. The children have been choosing to plan outdoors, spruce up our planters, take part in some weeding and clean up our outdoor resources. Indoors we have been planting sunflowers, watching how they change from a seed into a seedling, make celebration style cakes in the playdough area and paint some salt dough Easter crafts.

The children have started to put some of the phonic sounds we have been learning together to read and write cvc words! How amazing!!!!

Some of our children were rewarded by Mrs Seagrove for their full attendance and we are very proud of them.

We hope that everyone has a fantastic break over the Easter holidays and comes back to Nursery refreshed, safe and healthy.


Mrs Bertram and Mrs Cavanagh


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The Last Supper

On Wednesday 28th March, the children from Year 4 acted out the events of Holy Thursday for the rest of the school.

Andrew took the part of Jesus in a prayerful and respectful way.

The children performed a liturgical dance to a hymn called ‘Brother, Sister let me serve you.’ As a school, we were reminded of how important it is to serve others. We have remembered this message during Lent.

All of the children were fantastic. Well done!

Science Week Investigation

In Year One we are learning about the different groups of vertebrates in our science topic and we have also been thinking about the animals that live in or visit our school grounds. After some discussion we realised that we could also find some animals that are invertebrates. We thought about how we could attract invertebrates. We decided to make some little ‘homes’ out of flower pots, into which we put some leaves and twigs to make them more snug. We also added some sugar for the bugs to eat. The children had some great ideas about the type of food we could put in – including honey, syrup, nectar and fruit. The children placed their ‘bug homes’ in different places around the school grounds. We will go back in a few days to see if any invertebrates have found a new home!

Year 3 Science Week

Year 3 had a wonderful time exploring rocks and carrying out fair tests to see which rocks were permeable and impermeable. We enjoyed making predictions and using scientific equipment as well as working together in groups.
We also set up a fair test to see which can, with the labels removed,  contained beans. We used the given information that cans containing solid food usually roll the furthest distance to make predictions and then tested out our ideas. The cans to test contained beans, tomato soup and cat food. Can you predict which can contained the beans?

Welly Week

Welly Week

With hard frost on the ground, we wrapped up against the cold and went out to examine how the school hedge is changing.

Using an identification sheet from the Woodland Trust, we identified different tree species such as rowan, holly, beech, hazel, ash, hawthorn, hazel and dog rose from their buds and catkins. We didn’t know there were so many types of tree! There was some bright green moss and some leaves that had different speckles of mould- there was even a plant in flower- can you tell which type it is?


Continuing with the science, we planned a scientific enquiry: Do all springs stretch the same amount? We decided which variables would change and which we needed to change. Some people were able to retest to make their data more accurate.


Sunflower Seeds

This week in Nursery we have been starting to think about life cycles. Today we have planted Sunflower seeds. The children shared what they knew already about what seeds need to grow. We have our seeds on the windowsill ready to warm up and begin to grow. After Easter we are going to be getting some small creatures in Nursery which we can watch change and grow too.



Science Week in Year Six

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Science Week


This year for Science Week, Year 6 have been tasked to learn about the Enigma Machine. Although the week has been named Science Week, so far we have worked on many other subjects as well.

On Monday we wrote messages in Morse Code and also in Pigpen Cipher using the Caesar Cipher Wheel to encrypt the messages (meaning change one letter into a totally different letter) When the children finished they designed a Science/DT project. They had to design a circuit that would use a bulb or a buzzer to send an encrypted message in Morse Code for their partner to work out. In their science books they wrote out the equipment they thought that they would need, aim (which was to create a working machine that can send Morse Code) and hypothesis which means prediction.

On Thursday we designed parachutes to carry miniature cubes safely to the ground. We predicted that a parachute with a larger surface area would travel slower as it would catch more air- resistance.

By Skye